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The beauty of Scott Menaul’s art is that “each viewer sees something different in [his] abstracts.”  

In his own words he goes on to explain his career.

“My work is influenced by my early interest in math and science. I began creating art photographs in high school in Poughkeepsie, NY with home-built pinhole cameras I made from shoeboxes and aluminum foil. Many of my pieces include geometrical forms and a sense of precision that bridges fine art and design.

I love color, patterns and forms that when combined together, take on a life of their own. The artwork communicates to others and appears to touch them in a deep, personal and spiritual way. My greatest joy is watching someone getting involved in one of my pieces and taking a journey from a state of worry or boredom and into a state of joy and exhilaration.

The common theme is that they contain crystal geometric objects (in virtual space) that reflect and refract the environment around them. The objects take on color and reflect the images of the nearby forms. The final artwork is then printed as fine art multiple original giclées on canvas or paper. The Canvas giclées are typically limited to editions of 250.

My abstract art is created using 3-D modeling, illustration and photo enhancement tools on the computer. While experimenting with these at night, I developed techniques that could be used to create fine art. I began using these tools to create abstracts. These early works debuted at the first biannual CyberArts Festival in Boston in the spring of 1999.

The canvas giclées are very rich, colorful and almost indistinguishable from oil paintings. The only telltale clue is the crisp detail and subtle graduations of color—and of course, the number of the edition.”