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An innovation truly unique to Marlene Rose's work is her use of found objects as integral parts of her creations making each piece both ancient and modern. Each is hand cast from molten glass in a spectacular process of heat and light.

Marlene Rose-Coates was born in New York with art all around her. Her mother was a painter and her father a sculptor of found objects.

Educated at Promfret School in Connecticut, her exploration of visual mediums lead her to Tulane University in New Orleans. Here she came into her own as an artist, developing her unique style. She held her first solo exhibition before graduation, with a sell out show at the top gallery in New Orleans.

Following this success she went on to graduate school at California College of the Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. She even found time for a Summer Program at Philchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington, the birthplace and epicenter of the Art Glass Movement. She has since traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa and the Caribbean gaining even more influences and ideas for her work.

Her goal as an artist is to create life in what ever she makes. In simple terms, she makes the pieces come alive revealing the true and unique source of life energy in each creation.


Here are the pieces Marlene Rose will have available at The Grand Auction on December 6th at the Ritz Carlton, Miami Beach.

Cobalt Uranium King (Lot #7084)

Tree of Life II (Lot #7079)

Bowen Piller Buddha(Lot #7083)


For more information regarding pricing or placing a bid, 
call (954) 913-9490.