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Painter, collage artist or self-styled outlaw hero, one thing is for certain, the unique works of Richard Kurtz reach out and literally demand the viewers attention.

Bold graffiti styled captions within the works themselves, inform viewers that,"The pain you feel is real","Don't just stand there and get rich","Stay In The Game," "The Game is life", according to Kurtz who, through his pieces, advises the audience that "You Are Yourself Already" and "I want you to have the fullness of life" or "I'm in, make yourself someone else"

From his beginnings as a young artist in New York's East Village through his quest to get closer to the outlaw pioneer spirit of the west, Kurtz' willingness to accept what the world has to offer in particular the vivid colors and juxtaposition of textures is what informs his energetic work

In New Mexico, since 1990, Kurtz spends his time loosening the grip of social expectations and searching for the magic from which to distill its essence and imbue his paintings with enchantment. Fighting to remain conscious in his work is what this rising star is all about.